Introduction to HRO

Human resources organization is a Youth Led organization, which is working for working for the human welfare. HRO was found by a group of educated persons from different walks of life in 2008. The founders of HRO  realized that education; health , Human Rights, and Peace are great needs of a person. They take start from a little office and in few days they reached to welfare community. HRO is based in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa  (Peshawar). HRO is working towards, achieving its mission since 2008, and is currently implementing different programs of education, health.  In KPA All the programs are being run on self-help basis with support from partner, education institutions. We are running deffrent programs in education, Health, Human Rights and Peace Promotion.

Vision and Mission of Organization

Organization have a strong vision about a social world. Where everybody have same and equal access to their basics rights , Education, Health and a standard of living. 

The mission  and objective are to promote the community socially  & economically. These are the departments on which the organization already working 

1.      The organization work for Education.

2.       Health (Male & Female)

3.      Youth Empowerment 

4.     Human Rights, Women Rights & Child welfare, (Child Labors, Child Education, Orphans Child)

5.      War Against Drug Abuse.